Pelican is a simple weblog generator, written in python.

  • Write your weblog entries directly with your editor of choice (vim!) and directly in restructured text, or markdown.
  • A simple cli-tool to (re)generate the weblog.
  • Easy to interface with DVCSes and web hooks
  • Completely static output, so easy to host anywhere !


Pelican currently supports:

  • blog articles and simple pages
  • comments, via an external service (disqus). Please notice that while it’s useful, it’s an external service, and you’ll not manage the comments by yourself. It could potentially eat your data. (optional)
  • easy theming (themes are done using jinja2)
  • PDF generation of the articles/pages (optional).
  • publication of articles in various languages
  • RSS/Atom feeds
  • wordpress/dotclear or RSS imports
  • integration with various tools: twitter/google analytics (optional)

Why the name “Pelican” ?

Heh, you didn’t noticed? “Pelican” is an anagram for “Calepin” ;)

Source code

You can access the source code via git on

Feedback / Contact us

If you want to see new features in Pelican, dont hesitate to tell me, to clone the repository, etc. That’s open source, dude!

Contact me at “alexis at notmyidea dot org” for any request/feedback! You can also join the team at #pelican on (or if you don’t have any IRC client, using the webchat) for quick feedback.