Pelican 4.9.1

Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python. Highlights include:

  • Write your content directly with your editor of choice in reStructuredText or Markdown formats

  • Includes a simple CLI tool to (re)generate your site

  • Easy to interface with distributed version control systems and web hooks

  • Completely static output is easy to host anywhere

Ready to get started? Check out the Quickstart guide.


Pelican’s feature highlights include:

  • Articles (e.g., blog posts) and pages (e.g., “About”, “Projects”, “Contact”)

  • Integration with external services

  • Site themes (created using Jinja2 templates)

  • Publication of articles in multiple languages

  • Generation of Atom and RSS feeds

  • Code syntax highlighting

  • Import existing content from WordPress, Dotclear, or RSS feeds

  • Fast rebuild times thanks to content caching and selective output writing

  • Extensible via a rich plugin ecosystem: Pelican Plugins

Why the name “Pelican”?

“Pelican” is an anagram for calepin, which means “notebook” in French. ;)

Source code

You can access the source code at:

How to get help, contribute, or provide feedback

See our feedback and contribution submission guidelines.